Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ibis close up

My wife and I went to a local flea market this past weekend.  While walking around I ran across a Canon A520 in mint condition with a SanDisk 2gb Memory Card in the slot.  I ended up paying $10.00 for this 4mp camera.  I took it along on a visit to a local park today with our son and his family.  The Ibis are out in force at this park and responded eagerly to the bread my wife and grandchildren were feeding them.  I got a real kick out of this tiny camera and am amazed at the results.  I usually carry a rather large bag with my D50 and D1H with several lenses.  Today I felt very free and my shoulder isn't complaining tonight.  I might have to explore the option of a smaller system to replace my system with.

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