Friday, March 23, 2012

Ring Billed Gull

Technically this qualifies as an in-flight shot as there are a few millimeters of air beneath the feet.  It was so windy at Canaveral Seashore that the birds just faced into the wind, opened their wings and they were flying.  It demonstrated one of the most important facts for a wildlife photographer, birds will almost always take off and land into the wind.  This particular bird ate a number of Vanilla Wafers after first taking them to the water to soak them and soften them up.  My wife and I had the great pleasure of having all four of our grandchildren with us at the beach along with my son and his wife.  My daughter and her husband had to be in New Orleans on business.  The Canaveral Seashore is an awesome stretch of beach, it's rarely crowded due to the fact that it has minimal facilities.  The restrooms definitely qualify as minimal.  In spite of this one drawback it's a great place to spend a day.

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