Saturday, March 17, 2012


The Osprey is one of my favorite birds to watch.  When they leave the water after a succesful dive they frequently hesitate about 10 feet out of the water and shake the excess water off.  I can only imagine the power it takes for one of these birds to take off from the water carrying a fish, and then repeat it with a full stop for this shaking behavior.  I always watch for it and have seen it countless times, but I've never captured it on film or digitally.  There are many similar instances when I rediscover I'm a watcher first and photographer second.  I'm going to make an effort to reverse that for a while because I'd really like to capture some of the interesting behavior demonstrated by birds such as the osprey.  This photo was taken near lighthouse point on Sanibel Island.  There are quite a few dead trees at the waters edge where Ospreys congregate to hunt.  You can get within 20 feet of them on occasion if you move slowly and deliberately.

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