Sunday, March 4, 2012

Georgia shrimp boats

I do get out of Florida every now and then, not that often and not for very long.  I took this photo on the way back from Savannah where my wife and I had a great little vacation.  Mrs. Wilkes boarding house is one of my very favorite places for lunch, it's even worth standing in line for which I absolutely despise doing.  The photo was taken in Darien, GA.  There was a pretty significant storm moving in from the west while the sun was rising in clear morning skies in the east.  The combination made the lighting difficult to shoot but I really like the result.  Darien is a very small town but it is very photogenic and close to Sapelo Island.  The coastal marsh environment is my favorite, something about mud flats, oyster beds, etc., that just makes me feel at home.

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