Friday, March 30, 2012


This is a captive elephant residing at the Jacksonville Zoo.  I have always felt a great deal of sympathy for these animals, they look so intelligent and somewhat sad.  I've never seen one in the wild and refuse to go to circuses and watch them perform so zoos are it for me.  I shot this image on a very bright and sunny day.  I don't do much photoshop but I spent some time on this to get rid of the steel cables and posts that confine the animals.  My normal workflow in Elements 9 is to set the blacks on my RAW file first, then tweak the exposure and contrast prior to opening the image for editing.  I'll crop, resize and do some work on the light and dark areas.  My last two  actions are the noise filter and sharpening.  This is one of my favorite images even though I always find it a bit depressing.  We've just learned of an elephant rescue not far from my home in Central Florida and are planning a visit there next week.  Hopefully we'll see some of these magnificent animals in a kinder setting.

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