Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great Egret

This egret had been standing completely still for some time while I sat on a bench with the camera on a tripod.  I occasionally recorded an image even though every one looked the same as the one before.  Suddenly the egret had to stretch and then made eye contact due to my movement and the sound of the shutter going off.  The light wasn't great, it was directly overhead resulting in the burn out of the feathers on the back.  The bird was perched on a sign warning of alligators when I would have preferred something more photogenic.  This image is in my personal top 10 of the tens of thousands I have taken over 40 plus years.  I have a 16x20 print hanging on the wall in my living room as a reminder that there is more to photography than achieving technical perfection.  It also serves as a reminder that there is nothing like eye contact with your subject.  I took the photo at Palm Island in Mt. Dora, Florida.

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