Friday, February 24, 2012

Cormorant Panorama

I took a series of shots of these cormorants on a dock and then stitched them together using Photoshop Elements 9.  The secret is to shoot quickly because the birds are moving about which increases the risk of either blurred areas in the shot or the inability of the software to line things up properly.  I used my old Nikon D1H which ripped off the 7 exposures used in this image in less than 2 seconds.  The exerts will tell you to use manual exposure in order to keep the exposures constant.  I've found that if the light is even you can use Aperture preferred to keep the depth of field constant.  I shot these handheld and left enough room around the birds to crop out any uneven edges caused by not having the camera perfectly level.  I converted the RAW files to jpg and loaded them into Elements, in less than a minute the software did the work and all that was left was to crop, make some minor adjustments to saturation and contrast and save.  These cormorants were enjoying the sun and fishing on the old docks along the Lake Monroe (St John's River) waterfront in Sanford, FL.

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